My first Choice is Dimitri Van Den Bergh, on the young Belgian.

A difficult game to predict along with Mervyn King has played with some excellent darts this season and I am confident will fancy his chances. I think Dimiti to score the most 180s in 11/10 is solid and have looked to the 180 market. Hes very much a power scorer and when he gets his rhythm going they delve to the triple 20 bed. King has struck 28 180s in TV tournaments that were rated thus far this calendar year must be admired but when Dimitri is on shape he can be hard to live together on the front.
Gary Anderson turns up here with not played as the Matchplay. He has reduced his playing time this season due to his back so he should still be able to play a few fantastic darts but he barely practices anyhow. He faces agitate and will attempt to slow down the game to try Gary. Whether or not that works, I still think Gary will have the ability to hit numerous 180s. Keegan is not the type of player who will blow you away with big scores but rather buildup. Hopefully Garys back does not play up and that I think hes a nice price at 10/11 to hit on 180s.

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