Oscar swimming aficionadi, gird your loins and prepare your pockets, the British Academy of Film and Television Awards (BAFTAs) have had their say, and London’s bookmakers have been at work honing their Oscars chances. Again, it is looking to be another in an infinite series of irritatingly toff-ish redcoat invasions of pretty much every category, this year. After attempting their mind-snatch about the Academy in the end of this 20, will the Brits ultimately take over Hollywood? Regrettably, it appears wholly possible.
As the few remaining subscribers of background in the United States will recall, in the late 18th century, it seemed as if we’d lost the Revolutionary War. There’s very little comfort available in that comparison nowadays, since there are few personalities of the things of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, or even Paul Revere on Capitol Hill, at Foggy Bottom or at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But, redcoat invasion or not, we are not here to contemplate the question that is whither-America. We’re here to wager the Oscars.
Andjust as in 2018, we are here to use our own Oscar pool to boost success. Particularly, the adorable gimlet-eyed bookmakers of Dublin and London will help us weapon-ize our Oscar wagering. It is a positive bit of ethnic robbery, particularly this year, while it’s still only barely possible to stave off the inevitability of having to request a”pint of bitter, please” in the local hipster bar rather than being able to state,”gimme a PBR and a shot of Jack.”

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