Bet to Risk (To Not Acquire )

This basic difference can be implemented across most sports, but it’s especially important when betting baseball.
Bet to risk means you’re betting a specific pre-determined amount based on your unit size. Bet to win means you’re betting either a higher or lower amount depending on the price of the bet.
For example, say you need to wager the Cubs as a -125 favorite. Betting to risk means that if you bet $100 on the Cubs and they win, you win your $100 back plus you win $80 according to the -125 cost. Should you bet the Cubs to acquire (not danger ), you would need to lay $125 on the Cubs in order to win $100. If the Cubs win, you get your $125 back plus you get $100.
However, if the Cubs lose, you only lost $100 by betting to danger, versus losing $125 on gambling to win.
On the reverse side, say you wanted to bet on the White Sox as a +130 underdog. If you gamble to risk $100 on the White Sox, you would receive your $100 back plus win $130 if the White Sox win. If you bet to win $100 on the White Sox, you would simply have to lay roughly $77 according to the +130 cost. If they win, you get your $100 back and you win $77.
It might sound confusing, but do yourself a favor and constantly wager to risk (not win). It’ll save you once you lose on a popular and pad your bankroll bigly when you win an underdog.

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