With Avengers: Infinity War, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently going towards a conflict that has been building for nearly a decade. Thanos, the protagonist whose crash course with the rest of the heroes was set into motion as far back as 2012’s Avengers, is finally taking center stage in a struggle for the Infinity Stones which will unite an entire world of superheroes, with definitely lethal consequences. Given the status as the bad guy of the Marvel films of the Mad Titan and the stakes, the question is not if one of those heroes will die, but that ones.
Nevertheless, there is no sense in dreading it. To that end, we’ve taken a look at the throw of Infinity War to come up with our best gambling odds on which heroes may not make it into the final credits. Watch out for possible spoilers, but remember that these are our educated guesses.
Okay, let’s get this one out of the way up front: Tony Stark is going to die in this film.
It might really be. Over the last couple of movies, Tony’s anxieties about the changing world and his attempts to get ahead of the inevitable disasters which come from a world full of superheroes and villains have gone increasingly awry. His attempt to create artificial intelligence unleashed Ultron around the world and resulted in the complete destruction of Sokovia, which subsequently contributed straight to the Avengers themselves being ruined as a group throughout the events of Civil War. Even his option, defined Peter Parker, his latest protege. With a conflict that is far bigger and a lot more far-reaching than anything he has dealt with earlier, the consequences are going to be equally as enormous — and for Tony, that probably means a heroic sacrifice.

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