I’m often reviewing casinos that claim to have targeted just one particular country, only to learn that players from most countries can really create accounts and play real money. You may imagine then when I started my review of Sports Interaction, that claim to be a Canada-only operation, I had a cynical view of this position.
What I found is a great site featuring several products and platforms, but can you get it from outside Canada? Let’s try to find out.
Sports Interaction has been in business since 1997 and has been launched in Canada. In reality, Sports Interaction was the very first online gaming site licensed by the Kahnawakee Gaming Commission. Back in 1997, the native tribe chose to make a foray into the online gambling world by producing a hosting facility and regulatory board on their sovereign land, asserting it wasn’t bound by the legislation of the Canadian authorities. After composing the licensing legislation, a huge influx of online operators flocked to the authority, but there can only be one to be original, and that differentiation will always be held by this site.
There is not much information on the background of this ownership group, but suffice it to say that being in business for two decades and remaining clear of any of the genuinely dangerous gambling markets puts this site in another class than many in the North American market.

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