Ian McCall was slated to fight Dustin Ortiz at UFC Fight Night 73 but unfortunately had to pull out because of injury. McCall (13-5) caught up with MMAOddsBreaker on Episode 115 of The Parting Shot Podcast this Sunday to discuss his latest injury. Injury that compelled him out of Dustin Ortiz fight at UFC Fight Night 73″I have a tear in my shoulder, in my labrum and a tear from my bicep. I mean I am literally at the physicians now speaking about it. It’s exactly what it is, we train hard and I am fragile apparently. I must pull out of a good deal of s**t. It stinks, but if you train as hard as I do and you’ve been doing this as long as I do, its part of the game” Career Plagued with Injuries”My UFC career has been just been plagued with injuries and it is frustrating. This is my chief source of income, I still have other things I do but this is my principal source. I have a little girl to feed, that I feed on my own and it sucks. But on a different note, this really is my enthusiasm; this is precisely what I love to do. I’m 31 years old, I’m not getting younger I have been in fights for 13 decades. To watch my body neglect me time and time again it’s hard. It is one of these things it makes you wonder a lot. I’m such a healthy individual, my household is like incredibly healthy, and you know my kid has to have a very strict diet. I’ve had my hip, groin tear, that can be bad. I am sure I’ll have to find a hip replacement . I have had three hand surgeries. I got into an automobile crash not long ago and messed up my shoulder. It is always something, but it’s far better than having a real job.” Being Positive and Optimistic”Most of my life I’ve been a pessimist to become honest. I look at it in various ways, it could be worse, I could be dead. I might have lost complete use of my arm or anything. There are a lot of things I consider. I have to maintain a positive attitude because I have to be a fantastic role model for team-mates and my child. It’s one of those things I’m not going to sit around and sulk. That is what it is, I’ll be al right.” Ideas on Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson II at UFC 191″Demetrious is ever evolving and I think that today he has found a little more power in his punches. His entire game is constantly changing and becoming better. I think he will beat Dodson, is he going to complete [him]? I don’t understand. I think this is one guy he’ll have difficulty completing. He ended Horoguchi with one minute left, as far as I want to beat his face , he’s incredible. He’s the precise guy you want as champion when it comes to performance. I’m going to go with him on this one for sure.” Loss to John Lineker”Oh man which has been huge. I got overly emotional; I revealed the very first round that I could definitely overcome him. People were just like’Oh he’s a bantamweight’ I do not care; the man still isn’t very good I should have overcome him. I think I showed that you are not going to knock me out even though you are a huge puncher. My face is going to split open until you knock me out and that’s precisely what occurred. With me it is outside things, they constantly distract me, girl problems or what have you. I just sort of dropped after that first round. I’m smart enough to know I was going to drop that struggle sitting . Anthony Kiedis and Dane White came around and said hi and I’m just kind of love, I’m screwed. That was a psychological thing, that has always been my main downfall. I have a new mental coach, he is my mind Sherpa. He is overall made me a much better person. So far as my optimism goes, he’s a large part of it.” Feeling Overlooked in Flyweight Division”I wouldn’t say overlooked, there is other people to discuss. I blew it with John; I screwed up in this fight. So maybe I do not deserve to be talked about it. Let us say this injury is just 6 months, they will talk about me then, that is alright. There are other people that deserve it. Regardless of how good I could be or how good I am, it is not my turn. DJ needs individuals to struggle, the branch needs people to move and shake and make a big stink. I don’t mind it, it’s cool, whatever.” Raising a daughter as one dad”Yeah it is not simple; realistically I do not know anything about girls. I understand how to get one in bed that is about it. I sit there sometimes and stare at her like’what’s happening?’ Don’t cut your own hair, don’t put soap in places, like I do not understand. Realistically I have a lot help, I live with my dad. My dad got a divorce, he said move in, and I will assist you. My dad’s retired so he sort of plays mother on a daily basis. My step mom is still around; my kid’s grandma is about so that I do have a lot of assistance. So I’m not going to say I am doing so alone, because I’m not. It requires a village to raise a kid and I got a village of folks around me. Even if there are times where I have to take her to the gym, there’s always some one there. She’s pretty damn independent I can take her to the shore; she can run around and swim on her own. She’s going to be alright.” UFC Reebok Uniforms”I used to work for a fashion design firm; the sole fighters I hang out with are people I am forced to hang out my buddies. I hang out with artists, fashion designers, artists and musicians and stuff. They’re hideous, such as Jose Aldo said we look like f***kin Power Rangers. The equipment is actually comfortable; obviously Reebok makes a great product. I really don’t know who left the design, regardless of what generation we’re in 80’s 90’s, which doesn’t match anything, it’s just awful. But perhaps I am wrong; perhaps I am searching for something a little cooler looking. Its functionality based equipment; that is all that matters. It’s an evolution of the sport. We needed it to excel, sure we’re not likely to have paid that much money but it’s what it is. In case you’ve got a issue then stop, these are the amounts we must manage. If you’re smart and you are able to market yourself and promote yourself in ways like I have. I have external sponsors; I have Layrite, which is similar to a hair and mustache product. I have got a great deal of clothing and lifestyle businesses. I get a good deal of exposure from materials like this. People need to know t to step outside the boxmake money for themselves and have a wise agent.” Ideas on Reebok Deal”Yeah that would have been fine, but at the exact same time they run a business. They operate a multi-billion dollar company that is a premiere sports league. If you find the machine that is the UFC, in the inside it’s outstanding. The people are excellent; the business design is just amazing. I would never say anything bad about how it’s all run, it is beautiful if you appreciate business. The thing is they did not have to consult with us since it’s their organization. We are a commodity; as far as I wish to say trendy we ought to be earning money such as baseball, soccer and basketball. Because we ought to we are actually putting our lives at stake. But we’re not and I don’t want to estimate Urijah Faber, he said’I never got into this for the cash’ honestly I get it, I am a businessman.” Outside sponsors”Financially I am going to be fine. I am always going to find methods [to make money]. I own part of a social media company, I have a show that I host called Direct Endorsement, also it is a big charity matter. I’ve got other things that’s going to make me more money, therefore I will be ok. I do believe for guys that don’t have much else or men that aren’t that smart. But that is their own fault, figure out it it’s not rocket science.” Being on Joe Rogan’s”Fight Companion” series”Yeah I was speaking to Joe not too long ago. I’ve a growing friendship with Joe for quite a while, we always talk about it but it is a tiny bit of a drive out of my house with all the traffic. I will be up there shortly, I have to do some things in the area so I’ll be on there soon.” You follow Ian on Twitter @Unclecreepymma along with his sponsor DirectEndorcements.com. You can listen to the full audio version of this interview on Episode 115 of this Parting Shot Podcast this Sunday.

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